The Upstate New York Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) in East Syracuse, NY, is led by Bishop John Stanley Macholz

Faith Formation

Grounded in Faith We Grow and Move and Have Our Being


About Faith Formation

Faith commitment is both deeply personal and profoundly public. We are called to accompany accompany and empower both communities & individuals in deeper relationships with God and neighbor. 

Faith formation happens every day until we die.  Faith formation is practiced with all people of all ages and places and abilities. 

Faith Formation will be grounded in: Empowerment of all in the telling of Jesus’ story. Collaboration. Intergenerational faith development practices. Room for your doubts and your fear and your questions. A commitment to learning. Deep listening. Sympathetic joy.Prayerful accompaniment. Sound scriptural teaching. Use of the creative arts to explore faith stories. Continued learning.

How will we grow and change and learn together for the sake of the world? Conversation about your prayers and your work. Space (in real time and online) with permission to wonder together about how to live into the being the people God is forming us to be. Invitation to others when you are doing some work of faith in your communities. Curating a public listing of resources for daily, practical use. This will include written, sung, spoken, digital, visual…any kind of thing that inspires the sharing of the messages and action of faith. Cultivate vulnerability and a willingness to fail if it means we are learning. PatienceJoy. Play that has the capability of teaching new insights with new tools for exploring limits & our ability to think critically and expansively. Use of social media. Wonder Laboratories for nonjudgmental explorations and experiments in faith. Knowledge and use of social statements and other statements of the ELCA as guide to conversation, especially as we grow in faithful witness and solidarity for the work of justice.


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