Mission Support - where does your offering go?

By: Finance Committee Chair, Greg May and Treasurer, Fred Risser

Approximately ninety-two percent (92%) of the synod's projected income in the 2018 Mission Plan comes from congregational mission support and giving. The balance of our income comes from interest and dividends from our investments, grants from the churchwide office, such as the one that supports our Director for Evangelical Mission (DEM), and reimbursements for shared staff and income from special events.

The UNYS tithes forty-two percent (42%) of mission support received with the wider church supporting God's work around the world. The remaining funds help to support our congregations, leaders, and the many ministries around our synod.

Did you know that more than 94% of our mission support to the wider church comes back to the UNYS in the form of support for:

- Our Director for Evangelical Mission

- New Mission Starts such as Southwedge Mission in Rochester and Hope in N. Greenbush

- Synodical Ministries

- Churchwide Ministries that UNYS participates in

The remaining 58% of mission support received supports the UNYS efforts of:

- Regional stewardship and renewal tables supporting new and renewing ministries

- 5 Campus Ministries

- Care of Congregations and Rostered Leaders

- Candidacy

- Camp Ministries at LCLC and Vanderkamp

Since 2014, congregational mission support to the synod has decreased an average of more than $34,000/year! While numerous reductions in staff and other expenses have been made over this time period striving to operate within the income received, we are facing some serious challenges. Year to date congregation mission support is significantly behind 2017 through the initial 6 months of the 2018 financial year. We may be faced with not funding a ministry we have supported in the past due to lack of adequate funds. This deficit could be met by $200 from each congregation.

Every person and congregation through their regular giving do make a difference! We invite your prayers to encourage and strengthen God's work within the UNYS. Your financial support has helped to grow ministries, support seminarians, support Campus and Camp ministries and so much more. We are the Church together and pray we can continue and expand our work within the UNYS and with our sisters and brothers in the wider church.