Taking Care of Business


The assembly wasted no time on Sunday evening and dove right into business.  Treasurer Fred Risser presented his report and Finance Committee chair Greg May introduced Resolution #1, the 2017 Mission Plan.

Resolution #3, Teaching Congregations about Sermons, also came before the assembly for consideration.  It proposed that the synod create a study guide to be shared with all members regarding what they should listen for in a sermon.  Synod Council recommended that the assembly refer this to the Faith Formation Team.  After some brief discussion, the assembly voted and the resolution failed.

The Nominating Committee gave their report as well.  All candidates will be unopposed in their elections.  Those elections include secretary of the synod, the Committee on Consultation, the Committee on Discipline, and one synod council representative from the Southern Tier conference.

Business slated for Monday includes Resolution #2 and Memorial #2 on Lay Presidency and Memorial #1 on the Repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery.

Jonathan McClung