The synod Finance Committee is made up of individuals who have a strong background in finances and financial trends.  The Committee provides oversight and assistance to the synod treasurer and synod finance staff for such items as banking deposits and reconciliations, financial reports and budgets. Working together the treasurer, finance staff and the Committee draft an annual Mission Plan for consideration by the Synod Assembly each June.  This Mission Plan document becomes a starting point to develop an annual budget for the upcoming year. The Mission Plan is based on trends of Mission Income received from the Upstate New York Synod member congregations and on actual costs to facilitate the operation of synod supported programs, ministries and operational expenses.  The expenses and trends of these programs are monitored to ensure that there are adequate funds to pay expenses and that appropriate cash levels are maintained.

With input from the Synod Council the Mission Plan is modified into an annual budget that is presented to the Synod Council for approval. Once approved, the Finance Committee, treasurer and finance staff are responsible to ensure the mission income is being allocated in accordance with the annual budget. Since budgets need to be adjusted as income and/or expenses change, the Committee is charged to make responsible financial changes to the budget as necessary and to report these changes to the Synod Council.  The Finance Committee meets at least quarterly and communicates more frequently, typically at least monthly, via email and/or telephone.