Companion Synod Sunday is June 9th

To:       Congregations of the Upstate NY Synod

From:   Upstate NY Synod Global Ministry Team

Re:       Companion Synod Sunday, Pentecost Sunday, June 9, 2019

Bishop John Macholz has designated Pentecost Sunday, as Companion Synod Sunday in the UNYS. This is an opportunity for congregations to intentionally recognize and celebrate the Upstate NY Synod’s international relationships with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zimbabwe (ELCZ) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zambia (ELCZa).

Some possible ways to celebrate our brothers and sisters in Christ are:

  • Include Head Bishop Faindi (pronounced “Find”) (ELCZ) and Senior Pastor Rev. Geoffrey Njapau (N -Japu) (ELCZa) in your prayers of the people.

  • Include the bulletin insert on our companion relationships, which will be sent to congregations, in your bulletin that Sunday.

  • Know that congregations in the ELCZ and the ELCZa are also thinking of us on that same day and will have a message from Bishop Macholz that they can view.

  • If you have a twinned congregation in Zimbabwe, reach out through Skype, WhatsApp, or Facebook to let them know you are thinking and praying for them. If your relationship with your twin has faded, commit to renew it.

  • Have a computer available for people in your congregation to explore the ELCZ website at or publicize this website ahead of time for parishioners to explore.

The intent of Companion Synod Sunday is to hold the Lutherans of Zimbabwe and Zambia in our hearts and remember the connection we have. This is different from Global Church Sunday.  Congregations are encouraged to also celebrate a Global Church Sunday, focusing on ministries around the word, our ELCA missionaries, and Young Adults in Global Mission on a Sunday of their choosing.

 Prayer requests from and for the ELCZ:

Ø  Pray for Bishops Faindi (Find), Sibanda, and Dube, the Deans, and Pastors that they may be inspired in their leadership

Ø  Pray for Zimbabwe to have peace and economic prosperity as we suffer from the effects of climate change and ongoing challenges

Ø  Pray for the ELC to remain focused to the cause and purpose of the Gospel.

Ø  Pray for the church to grow.

Ø  Pray that all the evangelism initiatives that our evangelism teams will take, be highly inspired in order to bring change to those who will be ministered to.

 Prayer requests for the ELCZa:

Ø  Pray for the leadership, pastors, and evangelists of the church that they may be inspired to lead, especially Senior Pastor Rev. Njapau.

Ø  Pray for those who make bricks to build churches

Ø  Pray for our ELCA missionaries in Zambia, Pastor Deborah and Joe Troester

 Companion Synod Sunday Bulletin Insert

For more information, or if you have questions, please contact Beth Walker or (315) 945-5539

Katherine Neugent