Rev. Wheatley has taught this workshop to pastors of the Upstate New York Synod of the E.L.C.A.; Upper New York Conference of the United Methodist Church; the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York; Capitol Region Theological Center; Lutheran Churches in Wisconsin, Colorado, Central Pennsylvania; and a variety of other churches including Presbyterian, Baptist, and United Church of Christ.  If you are a pastor and need a copy of the agenda to get credit for denominational Boundary Training Requirements, contact Pastor Wheatley at, 315-243-7121, or Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.

The training which is also popular among lay leaders draws examples from a variety of areas of life, and it covers general principles about boundaries, types of overlaps and violations, 12 areas of special concern, and how to create personal safe space.   There will be a special emphasis on how the principle relate to Harassment Prevention in light of the New York State requirement for leadership training. See the flyer.