Christmas Shopping with Good Gifts

Yea!!! My ELCA Good Gifts catalog arrived in the mail. Now I can do my Christmas shopping! Did you get one? If you're not familiar with Good Gifts, here's how it works: If Aunt Sally and Uncle Fred really don't need anything, or if you have a person on your list that is really impossible to buy for, or if you'd just like to honor someone, this is the perfect way. Through ELCA World Hunger, you can supply someone throughout 83 countries with the support they need to thrive. Read more... Prices range from $10 to upwards of $1000. The most popular gift is baby chicks, which will grow into egg-laying hens to provide a family with much needed protein in their diet, plus extra eggs to sell at market. Many other animals are available too. Or provide a clean, safe water supply with wells and filters. You can send a girl to school, or provide school supplies. Health care is also an option by stocking a clinic, mosquito nets, or vaccinations. There are over 50 choices in the catalog, surely one will be the right color and size! Communities communicate their needs to the World Hunger folks, and these projects are born. The honorary recipient will receive a card, while the actual recipients receive exactly the kind of support that they need. It's a total win-win-win

ELCA Good Gifts will take you directly to the catalog for your shopping convenience! No going to the mall, waiting in long check-out lines, or parking hassles. We are truly church together for the sake of the world! Thank you!

Katherine Neugent