Christmas at Sea

Imagine you were alone on a major holiday like Christmas, Ramadan, Thanksgiving or Hanukkah. Depressing! This is why during the 2018 Synod Assembly, individuals and congregations collected and assembled items needed to create Christmas satchels. The satchels will bring joy to seafarers who will not be home with their loved ones for any one of the holidays this season. Port chaplains bring satchels filled with gifts to the ships for the holiday. Every crew member on a ship regardless of their faith or nationality receives a satchel.

What might otherwise have been another lonely night at sea becomes a joyous occasion, because complete strangers ashore have taken the time to share the spirit of Christmas with these otherwise forgotten seafarers!

By letter, Executive Director of Seafarers International House, Rev. Marsh Drege, requested that gratitude be shared to the many willing hands who lived out the "God's Work; Our Hands" effort by providing much needed supplies (and a morale boost) for the seafarers this Christmas time. "Your unconditional love shows forth the love of God through Jesus' call to remember those who are often unseen and marginalized."

Katherine Neugent