The mission of the Deacon Program of the Upstate New York Synod is to identify, train, authorize and supervise lay persons who assist the Pastor(s) and other rostered leaders of their congregation in worship, educational ministries, and/or ministries of care and service. Further, for the sake of the mission of the church, the program intends to assist Conference Deans to provide ministerial services during short-term, intermittent absences of a specific congregation’s called Pastor in areas where ordained pastoral leadership is unavailable, and assist the Bishop to provide ministerial services in congregations where ordained pastoral leadership is not available for an extended period of time. The theological education and other training provided for Deacons is also intended to be available to other adult lay leaders, to foster their growth in understanding and faith, whether or not they serve their congregations as Deacons or in some other capacity.

More in depth information is found in the Upstate New York Synod Deacon Handbook.