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Faith Alive! Bulletin Inserts
Please use these inserts as a way to keep grounded in Jesus along with your siblings throughout the Upstate New York Synod. These inserts are part of an ongoing effort to share our faith stories and notice how they connect to the larger story of God’s abundant grace and love through Christ
September Insert
October Insert

December 2018/January 2019 Insert

Faith Alive! Events
October 27 - Playshops focused on Advent, Christmas & Epiphany
February TBD - Playshops focused on Lent, Easter & Pentecost

Learning Together Across the Synod Day May 5, 2019

Faith Alive!

Living as Grounded, Growing, Giving and Grace People

Our 5-year strategic plan integrates the synod’s 4 G’s with the ELCA’s Future Direction goals for the strategic direction of the Church.  Beginning in 2018, and continuing each year through 2022, one of the G’s will be our central focus or lens through which communication, teaching, and faith formation occurs.  The fifth year, 2022, will focus on integrating the growth that occurs in the prior years.  The primary elements that will be offered include storytelling, biblical connections, worship and prayer practices, serving, and broadening/deepening our understanding and experience of faith formation.

We understand that while much of the exploration of faith and its integration into daily life occurs within congregations, online and social media resources will be developed to encourage sharing of reflections, learnings and insights between individuals and congregations that engage the Faith Alive! process.  

In a nutshell the goals for years 1-5 are: 

  1. To be Grounded in Christ Jesus by knowing the biblical narrative and connecting Bible stories with our own faith stories.

  2. To Grow in our witness to God’s love and the power of the Resurrection to bring abundant life to all.

  3. To be Generous in joyfully sharing our time, talent and treasure.

  4. To embody Grace and be God’s hands, feet and voice in the world.

  5. To assist congregations in discerning where and how God is calling them to embody God's grace, boldly proclaim the Good News of God's love and forgiveness in Jesus and work for God's peace and justice throughout the world.