Our Chance For $21,000 in Savings for our Synod Portico Benefit Services is again offering us the opportunity to earn a 2% discount on ELCA health contributions this year. Each congregation and organization in our synod will receive a 2% discount on all of this year’s health contributions if 65% of our eligible ELCA‐Primary health plan members and eligible spouses complete the confidential Mayo Clinic Health Assessment January 1 – April 30.

This year, we could collectively save approximately $21,000! If you have ELCA‐Primary health benefits, we need your help. Take this year’s Mayo Clinic Health Assessment January 1 – April 30. You’ll earn a $150 credit to your wellness account to offset out of pocket medical costs, and will help us earn a 2% discount on the cost of your health coverage. If your spouse has ELCA‐Primary health benefits and completes the Mayo Clinic Health Assessment, too, you’ll receive another $150 wellness dollars into your wellness account, and will help us earn our synod‐wide 2% discount on health contributions.

New this year: To take the Mayo Clinic Health Assessment, access Mayo Clinic’s Healthy Living online directly through myPortico — no separate Mayo Clinic ID and password necessary. Go to PorticoBenefits.org/HealthyLiving for details. There’s no longer a separate Mayo Clinic user ID and password. Spouses must register for their own myPortico account using details that we’ve mailed to them. Spouses and members cannot share a myPortico account.