arden_girlSince 2006, the Rev. Arden Strasser has served with the leaders of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zambia, to reinvigorate and strengthen the church and develop all aspects of ministry, including outreach, church administration, and leadership. The ELC-Zambia is quickly changing, and in order to increase management capacity for effective change, he functions as a mentor, advisor, and collaborator.

He says, “I don’t work alone, but always with another Zambian pastor.” Even after years in Africa, Pr. Strasser is still learning to communicate more effectively cross-culturally and is grateful for the unique ways Christ is revealed in the church in Zambia. Besides work with the leaders in the capital city, Lusaka, he is also involved with congregations throughout Zambia for workshops, outreach, worship, a micro-credit development program and the implementation of anti-malaria education. Your powerful partnership, as an ELCA congregation member, is truly valued and appreciated by the ELC-Zambia.