MLJ 2012smallRev. Mary Johnson, assistant to the bishop for candidacy

The Assistant to the Bishop for Candidacy oversees the process by which applicants from our Synod are approved for ordained and lay rostered ministry in the ELCA.

The ELCA has a rigorous process, requiring many different kinds of assessments, evaluations and approvals, in order for a person to enter the public ministry of this Church. The Synod staff person for candidacy is responsible for tracking, coordinating and implementing these requirements for each applicant and ensuring that everything is completed and documented, from the beginning of a person’s application process until the final approval for ordination or rostering as an AIM, diaconal minister or deaconess.

In consultation with the ELCA and its seminaries, as well as the synod’s area interview teams, the Candidacy Committee -including the Bishop, as well as the Assistant to the Bishop- meets with applicants at least three times during the typically 4- or 5- year candidacy process. The Candidacy Committee considers the many reports and evaluations that have been submitted as background for its discernment and decision making regarding each candidate. Throughout the year, the Assistant to the Bishop for Candidacy meets, communicates, consults and relates with all the parties involved, on an ongoing basis and when special concerns arise.

With more and more candidates following a “non-traditional” path into ministry, there are many alternative options for fulfilling the requirements to prepare for rostered leadership. The Assistant to the Bishop shepherds candidates through the process, to ensure that strong, healthy, faithful leaders will be serving our Church in the future. Since April 2011, Pastor Mary Johnson has served as the Assistant to the Bishop for Candidacy.

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