gtennermannRev. Greg Tennermann, Program Coordinator, Natural Systems

Two part-time Assistants to the Bishop are generalists who assist the Bishop with care for rostered leaders and congregations. Together, Pastors Dave Preisinger and Greg Tennermann provide 3/4 of a Full-time equivalent position.

This “generalist” position is the most flexible job description for an assistant to the Bishop. It involves walking with congregations at times of change, conflict, or difficulty, working with pastors and congregations to become healthier and stronger in their ministry, and serving congregations, pastors and the bishop in a wide variety of ways as situations, needs, challenges and opportunities arise. We try to bring clarity into confusing and anxious situations so that the support and the resources of the
whole church can work together to bring healing and new life.

This work is shaped by our understanding of ourselves as resurrection people. We are always confident that God can call us forth to new life and therefore we live in hope even as we struggle through difficult times and experiences.

This assistant works closely with the Deans and is a resource to them in their work. We also work closely with the Director of Evangelical Mission (DEM) and the Bishop in the planning and care for congregations in transition. I support Intentional Interim Pastors and the Conflict and Healing Team members to facilitate their important ministries. I have been trained as an Intentional Interim Pastor by the Interim Ministry Network and as a Bridgebuilder Consultant and Healthy Congregations Workshop leader by Peter Steinke.

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