preisingerd-0046Rev. David Preisinger, assistant to the bishop

Assistants to the Bishop for Mobility and Pastoral Care
Two part-time Assistants to the Bishop are generalists who assist the Bishop with care for rostered leaders and congregations. Together, Pastors Dave Preisinger and Greg Tennermann provide 3/4 of a Full-time equivalent position.

As one of the “generalist” Assistants to the bishop in the eastern part of the synod, and working half time, much of what I do is care for congregations and pastors. The most visible aspect of that work is when congregations are in transition and are working through the call process. The Assistant works with Deans in the call process, helping congregations to develop their ministry site

profiles (MSP), training call committees, and negotiating compensation packages that work for both candidate and congregation. The assistant in conversation with the bishop and the rest of staff helps to identify and contact potential candidates. This is very important when candidates come from outside the synod.

Other work includes being staff to the synod’s Hunger Team. Anyone who has attended the Synod Assembly knows the work the hunger team does to raise not only money, but an awareness of hunger. In addition to the annual Hunger drive the team works with the ELCA churchwide office reviewing applications for hunger grants for ministries on the territory of the Upstate New York Synod. Organizations across the synod can apply for hunger grants. Every year the team looks at 7 to 10 grants, visits or contacts applicants and makes recommendations for funding.

For as long as I have been on Synod Staff I have worked to find ways for congregations to work together for mission; through coalitions, links, grants, or developing a vision for mission. In recent years much of my effort has been put into “Transforming
Congregations”. This team is doing weekend retreats with conferences and helping congregations to regain a vision for ministry, with God in the center. As a “generalist” I am available to help in places where needed. As I understand my role
the primary task is helping us to walk together as Resurrection People.

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