congregationalredevelopment-proclaiminghopeResurrection Lutheran Church in Buffalo is undergoing congregational redevelopment over a five to seven year period. It is 10% of the size it was sixty years ago, located in an area with a poverty rate of over 46%, and has a culturally and economically diverse Sunday worship attendance that averages 120, including a South Sudanese community.

Redevelopment is an intensive process, deeply integrating relationships within the context of “Resurrection Village,” a defined area stretching half a mile around its site. Last year’s work included over 30,000 pounds of food distributed, 46 homes repaired, 82 children in summer camp, over 5,000 patient visits at the needs-blind Resurrection Health Center, a $100,000 renovation of the Health Center completed, and the good news of Jesus Christ, crucified and risen, proclaimed in word and deed, not only on Sunday but every day within Resurrection Village.