2017 Synod Assembly Pre-Assembly Book5.6 MiB122
2017 Synod Assembly Short Pre-Assembly Book8.0 MiB105
Agenda Synod Assembly 201714.0 KiB93
Awards and Recognitions Booklet 20171.8 MiB92
Bishop's Report to the Assembly SA201748.4 KiB54
Constructive Response Form SA201735.7 KiB73
Religious Extremism Resource Packet792.9 KiB68
Report of the 2017 Synod Assembly509.6 KiB66
Report of the Nominating Committee 2017202.6 KiB94
Rules Of Procedure-for Plenary 138.1 KiB238
Seafarer's Crocheted Cap 234.1 KiB148
Seafarer's Knitted Cap297.7 KiB145
Seafarer's Knitted Cap In the Round472.5 KiB152
Seafarer's Knitted Scarf199.0 KiB143
Stephen Bouman Keynote Address4.8 MiB67
Submitting Resolutions and Memorials for SA201793.3 KiB155
Submitting Resolutions and Memorials for SA2018119.8 KiB2
Synod Assembly 2017 Committees6.9 KiB69
Synod Assembly 2017 Worship Resource Bulletin7.1 MiB101
Workshops and Mission Expo Booklet 20171.4 MiB97
World Hunger - Biblical Reflections72.6 KiB130
World Hunger - Bulletin Insert/Tally Sheet263.0 KiB101
World Hunger - Fundraising Ideas66.5 KiB124
World Hunger Fact Sheet on Refugees15.3 KiB125
World Hunger Letter to Congregations Bride Over Troubled Water206.1 KiB121
Call Process
Age Sex Profile21.8 KiB449
Call Process Table For Congregations46.8 KiB265
Congregation Council Meeting Following the Resignation of a Pastor88.1 KiB36
Congregational Council Meeting22.6 KiB497
Five year financial profile43.4 KiB417
Handling Interim Arrangements91.6 KiB50
Household income survey29.9 KiB440
Preparing for a Candidate88.9 KiB44
Record Review Request and Financial Obligation Form86.5 KiB47
Sample Questions for Candidate89.2 KiB52
Synod Representative Report on the Calling of a Pastor147.7 KiB36
Twelve year worship attendance report21.5 KiB415
Welcome to the Call Process684.7 KiB39
Campus Ministry
CM Bishop's Letter to Congregations99.0 KiB39
CM Sunday Celebration newsletter sample52.7 KiB52
CM Sunday LuMin WNY Bulletin Insert126.2 KiB40
CM Sunday Petition of Prayers77.7 KiB32
CM Sunday UAlbany Buletin Insert195.2 KiB39
CM Sunday-Ithaca-Bulletin Insert218.0 KiB45
CM Sunday-RIT-Bulletin Insert103.5 KiB38
CM Sunday-SU ESF Bulletin Insert202.1 KiB44
LuMin of WNY99.8 KiB41
Lutheran Campus Ministry - Ithaca88.6 KiB44
Protestant Campus Ministry at UAlbany27.3 KiB37
RIT Campus Ministry28.5 KiB41
SU Campus Ministry45.9 KiB45
Compensation Guidelines 2017 SC Adopted 6/24/1690.2 KiB272
Compensation Guidelines 20181.1 MiB8
Initial Definition of Compensation (one congregation)16.8 KiB35
Initial Definition of Compensation (two congregations)16.9 KiB38
2017 Federal Reporting Requirements For Churches672.5 KiB125
Congregational Vitality Survey Flyer170.8 KiB377
Endowments - NYPMIFA for Endowment Funds10.7 KiB122
Helpful Documents for Congregations165.1 KiB31
Constitution 6/2017194.1 KiB14
FAQ for Congregations141.8 KiB152
Model Constitution Congregations 2016182.6 KiB213
Brief Guide for Pastors to the Upstate New York Deacon Program99.6 KiB31
Congregational and Conference Deacon Handbook152.6 KiB35
The Six Marks Of Diaconal Ministry13.7 KiB694
2017 3rd Annual Bishop's Golf Outing165.3 KiB62
2017 Bishop Macholz Golf Outing Bulletin268.5 KiB73
27th Annual Hartwick Registration501.4 KiB66
27th Annual Hartwick Seminary Summer Institute of Theology3.6 MiB63
Acronyms32.8 KiB609
Bishop's Expectations of Rostered Leaders278.5 KiB26
BishopConvocation.2017-UU (1)14.3 KiB76
Coaching42.3 KiB68
Conflict and Healing Tool44.9 KiB446
Guidelines For When No Ordained Person Is Available To Preside149.0 KiB290
Holy Closure Booklet371.5 KiB702
Joint Policy Statement Regarding Immigration Enforcement903.1 KiB62
Letter from LTSP President David Lose399.7 KiB241
Lutheran Insert 7D July 2017526.4 KiB33
Lutheran Philadelphia Archives Center Brochure Oct. 20171.9 MiB3
Palatine Society12.2 KiB57
Partnerships For Mission #4529.3 KiB378
Photograph And Video Release Form30.2 KiB443
Recommendations For Congregation Secretaries34.7 KiB306
Roster Information Form20.1 KiB23
Supply Preaching Guidelines86.4 KiB9
Supply Rate Guidelines247.5 KiB0
Synod Map782.2 KiB5
Synod Ministerium 2017 Brochure699.1 KiB108
Synod Ministerium 2017 Workshops581.9 KiB92
Synod Options257.2 KiB281
The 4 G's801.2 KiB36
Transformational Ministry69.8 KiB83
Trexler Application 201713.2 KiB38
Trexler-Brochure443.7 KiB198
Vibrant Faith Flyer1.8 MiB74
Walking Together with Rostered Leaders212.6 KiB27
Welcome to the Upstate New York Synod97.6 KiB28
Working Principles214.3 KiB29
You Know You're In Upstate New York If263.8 KiB319
Youth Leadership Forum at the UN Application 201881.7 KiB2
Youth Leadership Forum at the United Nations 2018106.7 KiB3
Lutheran Disaster Response
Camp Noah Fleece Blanket Instructions1.1 MiB720
Congregational Disaster Preparedness Guide798.0 KiB148
LDR Flood Buckets107.7 KiB553
Noah Bible Study16.4 KiB702
Spiritual Care Resource68.2 KiB592
Suggested Prayers For Disaster68.9 KiB1176
Suggested Scripture For Disasters51.0 KiB578
Work Team Preparation For Volunteers52.6 KiB501
Worship Resource For Natural Disasters60.8 KiB622
Mission Interpreters
10 Ways to Start a Mission Interpreter Ministry in Your Synod8.9 KiB398
MI Temple Talk July14458.9 KiB451
MI Through Pictures87.9 KiB120
MIC Resources14.1 MiB506
Mission Interpreter Council Presentation Outline50.4 KiB472
On The Run2.7 MiB128
Ten Ways to Make A SPLASH at Synod Assembly7.7 KiB439
Upstate New York Synod Mission Interpreter Brochure96.3 KiB419
National Church
ELCA Church Council Holds Spring 2017 Meeting30.1 KiB68
Background Screening Recommendations59.6 KiB49
Child Youth Abuse Prevention Policy179.8 KiB508
Immigration Statement from the ELCA Conference of Bishops38.1 KiB323
Pastor Emeritus Policy86.7 KiB28
Professional Misconduct Policy26.2 KiB23
Severance Policy136.4 KiB440
Synod Continuing Education Policy89.7 KiB33
UNYS Employee Handbook836.3 KiB205
Healthy Meeting Starter849.6 KiB167
Leading a Healthy Conversation Guide120.9 KiB166
Portico Discernment Handout424.4 KiB429
Portico Discernment Leaders Guide482.3 KiB467
Portico FAQ Health Care Reform2.6 MiB569
Position Descriptions
Churchwide Assembly Voting Member Position Description33.1 KiB407
Consultation Committee Member Position Description13.1 KiB405
Director of Faith Formation Job Description17.1 KiB71
Discipline Committee Member Position Description12.9 KiB616
Synod Assembly Voting Member Description37.5 KiB380
Synod Council Member Position Description14.2 KiB513
Synod Secretary Position Description12.1 KiB440
Synod Treasurer Position Description69.9 KiB397
Synod Vice President Position Description81.7 KiB416
Racial Justice or Justice Resources
Birmingham, Privilege & Possibilities563.1 KiB192
Congregational Resource Justice Resource (Tool Kit)749.2 KiB252
ELCA Racism Social Statement38.5 KiB209
Faith Sexism Justice Conversation Towards A Social Statement147.7 KiB192
Privilege, Process, Transformation270.8 KiB208
What It Feels Like-Empathy RJ Resource3.8 MiB196
Paradigms For Mission Renewal49.9 KiB405
Regional Renewal Tables Diagram127.1 KiB381
Transformational Ministry 224.1 KiB219
2017 Conference Assembly Report (Color)196.3 KiB78
Annual Report 20071.9 MiB408
Annual Report 2008 Color521.8 KiB366
Annual Report 2009 Color143.8 KiB300
Annual Report 2010 Color299.9 KiB338
Annual Report 2011 Color325.9 KiB357
Annual Report 2012 Color318.3 KiB347
Annual Report 2012 Grayscale197.5 KiB339
Annual Report 2013 Color460.1 KiB361
Annual Report 2013 Grayscale 307.3 KiB430
Annual Report 2014 Color1.0 MiB377
Annual Report 2014 Grayscale1.0 MiB359
Annual Report 2015 Black & White342.4 KiB245
Annual Report 2015 Color371.0 KiB262
Annual Report 2016 Black and White490.3 KiB110
Annual Report 2016 Color3.0 MiB104
Annual Report 2016 Grayscale490.0 KiB111
Conference Assembly Report - Fall 201033.9 KiB383
Conference Assembly Report - Fall 2011159.9 KiB384
Conference Assembly Report - Fall 2012178.9 KiB336
Conference Assembly Report - Fall 2013524.1 KiB382
Conference Assembly Report - Fall 2015753.3 KiB259
Conference Assembly Report - Fall 2016 Color(2)163.5 KiB119
Conference Assembly Report - Fall 2016 Grayscale1.5 MiB123
Conference Assembly Report - Fall 2017 (Black & White)428.6 KiB17
Conference Assembly Report - Fall 2017 (Grayscale)415.9 KiB10
Conference Assembly Report - Spring 201034.0 KiB501
Conference Assembly Report - Spring 201132.9 KiB372
Conference Assembly Report - Spring 201294.9 KiB347
Conference Assembly Report - Spring 2013196.6 KiB378
Conference Assembly Report - Spring 2014324.2 KiB391
Conference Assembly Report - Spring 2016 Color287.8 KiB177
Conference Assembly Report - Spring 2016 Grayscale283.7 KiB150
Feed the Roots of Leadership Fall 2012 Report953.7 KiB467
Feed the Roots of Leadership Spring 2013 Report743.6 KiB409
2016 Mission Statement of Intent1.1 MiB213
2017 Mission Support Statement of Intent482.8 KiB94
Generosity Project Brochure Rev447.2 KiB173
Generosity Project Invitation Letter123.5 KiB235
Preaching Stewardship2016 (2)348.2 KiB158
Synod Challenge Letter 201467.3 KiB431
Your Congregations Plan for Mission Support 201642.2 KiB272
The Lutheran
December 2015 - The Lutheran Insert272.4 KiB216
July 2015 - The Lutheran Insert226.3 KiB283
Lutheran Insert April 2017 Upstate NY Synod1.8 MiB80
Women of the ELCA
Evangel-Lines February 20171.1 MiB95
Financial Aid 2017 - WELCA14.0 KiB82
Grimes Scholarship Application - WELCA16.2 KiB84
WELCA Blankets and Quilts 2017759.3 KiB124
Young Adults in Global Ministry
Abby Mandris in Africa (Newsletter 1)7.1 MiB29