“Lord, when was it that we saw you hungry and gave you food or thirsty and gave you something to drink?
And when was it that we saw you a stranger and welcomed you?”
Matthew 25:37-38

BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER is the theme of the 2017 Synod-Wide World Hunger Campaign. You and your congregation are invited to join in this effort to assist refugee families.

The UN Refugee Agency Global Trends Report finds 65.3 million people were displaced from their homes by conflict and persecution in 2015 and more than half are under the age of 18. You can help!

Lutherans are known for their stellar work in providing shelter and support to refugees – managing some of the biggest refugee camps in the world. After a long and dangerous journey to safety, food and water are critical to help families recover their strength and prepare for a fresh start.

A gift of $200 feeds a refugee family for one month. The goal for this campaign is to raise $45,000 to provide meals for 225 refugee families.